Lodging Plans

staying one night

In the spirit of "half a tatami mat for waking, one for sleeping
18 inns to face yourself

Designed by architect Shigeru Ban, winner of the Pritzker Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the architecture industry.
The 100-meter-long wooden deck is made of Japanese cedar.
The 100-meter-long wooden deck is made of Japanese cedar.
Walking barefoot on the wooden deck, you can feel the warmth and fragrance of the wood.

-Architectural design by Shigeru Ban-

staying one night


A detox and retreat with Zen philosophy
Two days to enjoy a workout program.

Women only and men only.
Full Moon and New Moon 2-day/1-night event.


yoga instructor


I will propose a lifestyle with yoga in your daily life that will make your life a little richer.

Certified 200-hour yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance (RYT-200)
International Yoga Academy 200-hour yoga teacher certification (IYF-200)

yoga instructor


Realized the importance of breathing in improving body functions and teaching self-maintenance. She encountered ☆Muscle Coordination Yoga and felt empathy with its approach to the body and mind.
Conscious breathing begins with feeling the bones and muscles that cannot be seen with the eyes, using the sensory function. It is the first step to look inward.

Certified by the National Alliance (RYT-200)
Completed Muscle Coordination Yoga
Completed AAJ (Aerial Association of Japan) Aerial Yoga ADVANCE 

Meditation Instructor


She is a charismatic figure of "beauty" who has trained models and coached beauty contestants to win many awards, including leading a Japanese representative to the first place in the world.

She is a certified coach of the Japan Meditation Association.

Meditation Instructor


Meditation is for everyone.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature here on Awaji Island, Zen Buddhist Yasunori will be the place you have been waiting for.

Certified coach of the Japan Meditation Association